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trevor g   +1y
Here is my fleet . Sorry for the poor photos. Need new camera.
My 01 short box 4.8 v8 2wd 34,000km...thats like 18,000miles I think!

my 79 2wd Blazer..built in 95-96

the latest aquisition..78 3/4ton 2wd crew cab....anyone need the utility box?

my 77 chevy crew cab dually with 89 suburban front clip

my 03 Suzuki Vo
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
cool man your not wheel poor ether huh
right now I'VE got six vehicals that are titled in my name,four that need to be sold before I have to change them into my name
then I have a drag bike and a front engine dragster frame that maybe some day I'll do something with
oh did I menchen the 63 corvett thats at my dads and my car trailer

CRIST its time to sell some crap off
trevor g avatar
trevor g   +1y
Just think if we had one project and one daily all stock driver. Then we could focus on the project fully and completly!
maz89 avatar
maz89   +1y

shit, if we could do that then we wouldn't be where we're at now!!
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nicechad   +1y
I think it is an addiction. I can't stand to drive the same thing for too long. My fleet-
87 Jeep Wrangler (in dad's barn awaiting paint and put back together)
93 F150 Extended cab (daily driver)
97 F150 (The 93 was bought to replace it)
99 Mitsubishi Galant (wife's family car)
16 ft utility trailer for hauling stuff
AND my newest buy off of cheapcycle Sunday 3 Stand-up Kawasaki jetskis!

Everything has for sale signs on them now. Gotta get that dually for me, the Expedition for the wife, a go-cart or four wheeler for the boy and... Who knows what will come along next.

I love having a project, or three!
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
I have too much sh*t to list but I will hit the highlights and my name is TREVOR and I have an addiction....
94 Chevy 3500
02 Chevy Trailblazer
02 Toyota Celica
85 Honda Prelude
94 Kawasaki ZX600
95 Chaparral 1800SL boat
92 Seadoo GTS 600
96 Tigershark MonteCarlo 650
96 Tigershark MonteCarlo 770
Misc. trailers and other random sh*t and parts to other vehicles I have owned throughout the years that is not worth listing.

Everything is for sale and lets start the bidding off!!!!!
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bdydrped   +1y
lmao, good to know we arent alone.

i got
my daily 99 2 dr tahoe
my bitch the green truck
the frankenstein dually
02 R6
couple dirtbikes that havent seen the light of day in about 3 yrs that i should sell
a ski sanger boat
and the wifes 04 vibe

o btw that blue blazer is pimp shit, i always loved that style 2 door, rip the top off that thing and go cruisin around.
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