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Wheel Questions \  looking for the best deal on some bonspeed wheels

looking for the best deal on some bonspeed wheels

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xgolferdude   +1y
Hey guys im looking for 2 18 inch palasides 18x7 6x5.5 bolt pattern with a 4 inch bore... prolly 5 to 5.5 inches of backspacing... Im trying to find who has the best deals on Bonspeeds.. Any vendors on here that I can talk to?? Thanks!
tlw32882   +1y
I heard Status has good deals on Bonspeeds.
DiegosAnotherR1   +1y
I'm looking into getting some 22" bonspeed wheels soon. Does Status have the best deals? I tried searching for his user name, but can't find him. Can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks
drwkingranch   +1y
Im also lookin for some bonspeeds. I need some 24x8.5 Clutchs for a 98 GMC 1500
dysinger1   +1y

nuff said mitch will take care of ya.
groundedbigbody   +1y
Anyone know what bonspeed charges to rehoop a wheel have 10" and looking for 8.5 wide
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