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Dually Projects \  the back is back...down that is....

the back is back...down that is....

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onefasthoagie   +1y
as promised i wasn't gonna post anymore pictures till the back is down, so here it is.


much better i say...6 inch front static drop....airdam is damed....sitting 2.5 inches off pavement....them purty walmart fog lights are in for a treat...
maz89 avatar
maz89   +1y
dragnasty avatar
dragnasty   +1y
Rock those mudflaps!! What size tire did you end up going with?
onefasthoagie avatar
onefasthoagie   +1y

oh the flaps are stayin, even when i get matching tires (to the front) in the rear, i don't care if i have to drag them bitches down to size. 225x60x16 102 load rating. work good too, didn't try towing yet though.
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
hell yea that looks killer jsut need some bags now
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
Hell yeah gonna drag the hell out of the mud flaps.
bdydrped avatar
bdydrped   +1y
slpa some steel weights on those bitches and you might have a chance of throwin some sparks till you get bagson it..... much better lookin btw.....and i still have plenty of texas plates for you to plaster on it if ya feel the need.
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