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My new wheels...

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lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
They look better than the old ones...Did dima cut them....
johnboyon20s avatar
johnboyon20s   +1y
those look badass mark! , between ur wheels and ur trailor i dunno which one im gonna hump first at gator drag lmao
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
bow down to those bad boys avatar   +1y
looks good!
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y
look really good.... where were they at sunday???? saw the black steelies on there sunday....
guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
Dam, see now with how expensive normal semi wheels are i dont see how anybody can possibly afford one offs.
baggeddogs avatar
baggeddogs   +1y
thanks guys! I am rebagging Dimas dually right now and we traded labor for cutting the wheels.. He is a super nice guy and does great work. I have a few other people I use but this was a better deal since it isnt costing me any money out of my pocket! LOL You didnt like the black wheels on there? He just got them done on Wed so I didnt have them yet. Speeking of shows, are there any of you going to THW this weekend or the show next weekend?
johnboyon20s avatar
johnboyon20s   +1y
me and big ryan talked about goin to south padre its about 10 hr drive for us but i dont think im gonna make it , but i do plan on being at gator drag,
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y
loved the steelies.... not gunna go to a show till gatordrag.... you rebagging the white one hes working on???