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my 94 coming togther

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outlawcrewcab   +1y
stock floored 3.75" i will update as i do more work to it here is test fit of body to mark where floor needs cut the it with my wheels on it this weekend

guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
Oooh, i like the wheels!
outlawcrewcab avatar
outlawcrewcab   +1y
yes they are nice i think im gona be the first with a 19 and 22 combo on a dually
1fastlx avatar
1fastlx   +1y
hell yeah that looks the shit
outsiderz1 avatar
outsiderz1   +1y
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
looks sweet! what brought the wheel combo on?
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
hells yea that is a bad ass ride there my friend liken the wheels and nice garage
delock avatar
delock   +1y

Maybe..............maybe not
paul42 avatar
paul42   +1y
Looking real good. Man those 19's look small compared to the 22's.
bdydrped avatar
bdydrped   +1y

firewall clearance ? just a guess.

i know i dont wanna fuck with tubbing my firewall(being a lazy bastard) thats why im only gonna run 19.5s when i come up with the $$