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lockone   +1y
Here are some pics I found....


Dirty Dale

Tony The Tiger

Those are just a few check out for more.....hhhhhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh
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outsiderz1   +1y thats some funny sh*t right there
bdydrped avatar
bdydrped   +1y
that makes my head hurt trying to figure out why people do that shit..... althought we were jokin the other night about takin a car and doin that just to be bigger than a couple rednecks in town....

yea 4 hours at teh bar doesnt do the logical brain cells much good LOL
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dragnasty   +1y
thats exactly what i see around here every day....It funny, the M&M car down here has all different color wheels to match the M&M
delock avatar
delock   +1y
and people wonder why we want a truck to drag....

to each their own
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low95xlt   +1y
hahahah that jsut made my day hahahah
guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
That Earnhardt one upsets me
But then the Pilsbury one makes me laugh.. like laffy taffy lol
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
I should have kept my caprice w/ 24s and made it the Viagra car....LOL
1fastlx avatar
1fastlx   +1y
thats the way we roll, tlocs faded green caprice, peanut butter guts, and 24s dat do dat do!!!
dragnasty avatar
dragnasty   +1y
lol @ peanut butter guts....only because ive heard it