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outlawcrewcab   +1y
went to wally world last night and found this! i collect them as it is and always looking for one i dont have and seen this A DUALLY SWEET it even has dual rear wheels on each side VERY SWEET!!!!

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lockone   +1y
I have bought several of those off EBAY. I have a black one like yours and one painted like Dale Earnhardt Jrs car. That one is pretty sweet with the flames.
trevor g avatar
trevor g   +1y
what scale is that?
outlawcrewcab avatar
outlawcrewcab   +1y
1:24th scale im looking for the black one with flames on it now for my dad the duallys i found on E-bay a while back where all chessy lookin' and said crew cab but where EXT. cabs and i think theyt had wire wheels on them
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