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Whos your college football team?

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duallybourbon   +1y
Ill get it started... Im an ALABAMA fan of course born and raised... My first baby pic was in an ALABAMA towel... ROLL TIDE!!!
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bigwil86   +1y
Georgia...Them Dawgs! No idea how i came to love them since im the only sports fanatic in my family lol....Was dissapointed last night but ill stand true to the cause!
big bear avatar
big bear   +1y
Notre dame all day...although they struggle every year I've been huge fan since I was a lil mini trucker.go irish
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dzl1   +1y

leedogg avatar
leedogg   +1y
Auburn. I grew up in South Alabama and everyone i knew were Bama fans- So i picked AU to be different. And would know- half my Bama lovin buddies ended up going to Auburn for college.LOL So i partied ALOT in AU from 91-95. Partied at AL twice...they just weren't 'my' type of people.

Sucks about the tree fiasco. A fried posted pics from his trip up there last week. terrible. Toomer's corner is the place to be on a saturday afternoon during football season.

Just wish we were better this year- i think Chisik's gonna be gone...sooner than later.
comegetsome avatar
comegetsome   +1y
Georgia Bulldogs even though they stunk it up saturday....
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krewzlo   +1y
Michigan and Michigan State. Wish I had more time to watch the games.
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mobboss   +1y
penn state. even with all that has happened!
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brianbgboy   +1y
Born and raised in new orleans so I should say lsu, but my team was and always will be Oregon! ! GO DUCKS
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