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leedogg   +1y
He man- didn't want to clutter up the other thread-

anyhowz- you brought up using the SRW rear for our trucks running semi's. Does the year matter? Do you know the difference in the widths compared to a stock dually rear? What has to be done to fit them into a dually? Brakes work? you get the drift.

I know where a square crew cab SRW is rusting away at a junk yard- might need to go pick that rear out of it.
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azsprsprt   +1y
All srw 14 bolt axles are 67.5 inches wide, that's wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface, the Dana 70 axle duallys come with are 72 inches wide, and the cab and chassis drw axles are 63.5 inches wide
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comegetsome   +1y
Sorry took me so long to answer dont have time to log on first dually i ran a SRW axle out of a 97-98 2500 chevrolet truck.....runnin 4 22s the wheels tucked great with about 1 1/2 inches from new dually was a SRW 1 ton and i kept the stock rear....the rear is exactly 1 inch wider per side than the 97-98.....i have about 1/2 inch clearance....just enough to get my hand on there....clears goodand rear doesnt look to short....brakes worked good with 22 inners never tried it with 16 inners so cant guarantee anything there....hope that helps
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