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Highway tires for my HD

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I have an 07 Chevy 2500HD with the Duramax, crew cab short bed. This thing eats tires like crazy. I tow 10,000lbs or more very frequently all summer and plow with it in the winter. I have been buying something that is good for winter and summer but am sick of replacing them all the time. I would like to go to strictly summer highway tires and another set of snows for the winter. There isn't a lot out there in a highway rib, bridgestones at about 225 each and then Michelin XPS at $300 each. I wouldn't mind spending the cash on the michelin's but would like to know if anyone else has run them and how they lasted. I don't want to dump $1200 bucks on them to find out I only get 40,000 miles out of them. I get 20-25000 out of $600 tires.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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