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narrow end or wider fender

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famouskustum01 avatar
famouskustum01   +1y
Need to ask is it better to narrow rear end or germ wider fender cuz i got 22 all around ??? Any good ideas
leedogg avatar
leedogg   +1y
Alot of people like the wider fenders...but personally, I think I will narrow the rear end on my truck, or get townasty's from TnT. I just think that unless done extremely well, it messes up the proportions on a truck like mine(squarebody chevy). Now I think the newer trucks pull off the wider look better than the older ones.
comegetsome avatar
comegetsome   +1y
I can pick up a srw rear end from pull it yards around here for 100 bucks....and with an afternoon of fab work I can swap it took me about 2 weeks of layering fiberglass to get my fenders like I wanted them( all I done was raised mine....not widen) and I had way over 100 bucks in fiberglass and resin
79duallyc30 avatar
79duallyc30   +1y
Yeah. I'm still in the process of finishing mine and all I got left is the air pockets that formed in the body filler. But I gotta say, I can't get over lookin at that wide rear end every time I walk outside or walk to it. It's just sick. But there is a ton of work involved in extending the fenders
big daddy caddy avatar
big daddy caddy   +1y

If you had to do it again which way would you go?
comegetsome avatar
comegetsome   +1y
Id def go with the shorter rear.....i can weld and fab alot faster than i can fiberglass.....and as of right now im hoping to pick up some stock fenders to just bolt back on my truck cause my new one isnt bodied and i dont need raised fenders anymore
big daddy caddy avatar
big daddy caddy   +1y

Great to know.

dropped fullsize avatar
dropped fullsize   +1y
Shorter rear. But, I'm not at home so tools and connections are limited.
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bk2life   +1y

only raised here, and you see where the "stock" wheels fit.. will need either narrow rear or widen the fenders as well.
giovanni avatar
giovanni   +1y
I like the wide hip look and after doing it once . Im.going to.try some.323 Dually.fenders n pay the 1000