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big bear   +1y
Happy Thanksgiving dually family. have a great day and make sure you eat alot.
domesticdisturbance avatar
domesticdisturbance   +1y
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope you all have a great day with friends and family and have bunches of great food.
sparkys-crewcab avatar
sparkys-crewcab   +1y
gobble gobble gobble...... happy turkey day to all!

calfboy avatar
calfboy   +1y
Happy thanksgivng to you all too
rick ross avatar
rick ross   +1y
Happy Turkey Day DS!! May your turkey be moist and juicy!
someotherguy avatar
someotherguy   +1y
Birds is for the birds...

We had homemade pizza, one with shrimp & pesto sauce, the other with proscuitto, arugula, & tomato sauce. Rockin!

I don't spend much time thumping my chest about having any native American blood in me but when thanksgiving comes around I cop at least a small amount of attitude and protest the holiday, but the time off and spending it with family is cool. We just spend it in a slightly non-traditional way. Pizza, drinkin, watched a movie, sat around BS'ing all evening.

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