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General Discussion \  I've got a potential gem, but don't know what to do with it.

I've got a potential gem, but don't know what to do with it.

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cc_audio   +1y
I apologize for the long read, but I could use some real advice. So my dad has had this truck and babied it the last 7 or 8 years. Its actually the whole reason I've jumped on this particular forum. Its has treated him so well, originally motor and tranny, has a rock solid body (which is impressive for a midwest truck). The only real problem this truck has is a tranny drip. That's it. He just bought a new Avalanche and he loves it to death and seems to have turned a blind shoulder to his 3500. Honestly, a 2wd diesel with approaching 200k isn't really worth much around this area. He'd love to sell it for as little at $2500, but I see sooo much potential in this truck that I really don't want him to. I'd love to take it off his hands but I just bought a new Boobaru wagon with big plans for it already. I'd rather just make it a father/son project since he can metal fab and weld circles around me and he already owns the damn thing. I don't know what to do, I'd regret letting it slip away. Are there any builds on here of similar model with a very well documented build log that I can throw at him and maybe spark some inspiration? His biggest argument is we currently have a 68 AMX underworks and has been a bit more than we can handle the last few years. (Very expensive and difficult to restore AMCs). Any advice would be greatly appreciated guys. Here's the gem-

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big bear   +1y
welcome to the site. clean truck man. great little background story. well, although im more of a crew cab guy, im still a dually fanatic. id say, if money permits, as well as any chance of doing something with it, id say keep it. it has tons of potential. id slam it, yank the running boards ect , wheels, ect. you get the point haha the options are endless. good luck man. it looks very well taken care of.
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big bear   +1y
also, that truck would sell for 2500 bux in minutes lol
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58deluxerag   +1y


no doubt.
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jeffs_tonka-toy   +1y
Go for it, they look awesome slammed!

heres a pic of my old dually.

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Thats with just a 2-4 drop.
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