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My kids rides

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craziidad   +1y
Here are sum pics of my daughters and sons rides.... age 4 and 3

power wheels Silverado and hummer

thread post photo

thread post photo

Silverado has a 24" lift
Hummer has a 18" lift

here are the youtube videos of them...

not a dually but still sweet lil rides.... my next project is building my daughter a lowered Chevy Silverado dually. Just need to find the donor truck first

this is my other addiction....power wheels... lol
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sparkys-crewcab   +1y
that is killer!.....
big bear avatar
big bear   +1y
thats badass
luv2xclr8 avatar
luv2xclr8   +1y
Cool, but looks like the would flip easy
tuckin22 avatar
tuckin22   +1y

my thoughta exactly
craziidad avatar
craziidad   +1y
yea alot of people ask how easy it flips, im 5' 11'' 140lbs and i got in it and rode it around trying to flip it, before i gave them to my kids to ride. I could not flip it. Now i knw it will flip on certain inclines, but for flat land its very safe....
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