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Bags and a 2 link

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mrbarky   +1y
Ok I,m wanting to switch-up my rear suspension to get more floor room in the back. Who has a 2 link with bags on the bars and how does it ride?
Master Fabber   +1y
Hey man I usually do 4 links but when someone wants to save floor space 2 links work good . Ride is really the same as any bag on bar... smooth . i would do adjustable shocks to dial it in, and make the bars the longer the better to lower the amount the axle travels forward to back. diagonal link or watts for side locating. hope this helps. JR
stlowburban   +1y
Between 3 vehicles I've put close to 200,000 on 2-links.  They ride great if set up correctly. Like stated above make the bars as long as possible to minimize tire shift and ideally they should be flat at ride height.
mrbarky   +1y
Yeah I was planning on making them as long as possible. I guess what I meant to ask was articulation wise how is it very little or none at all or what ?
nissandoordragger   +1y

a 2link offers zero articulation and if your are gettin some its something twisting or bending and will eventually fail due to stress
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