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some people dream about this

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98crewcab   +1y
good one....didn't understand a word she said, hard to focus on here face,what did she look like ?

i like big butt ......trucks .......
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watahyahknow   +1y
thought it was in english for sure but the story she tells the news is that her husband liked to stick his head between her tits during intercourse and she was allways willing to give him his wish untill one night he started waving with his arms she tought he was having a good time untill she got up and he wasnt breathing anymore
she pannicked and was about to call 911 when he started moving again and woke up out of his coma
the waving was a warning that he wasnt able to breathe and he was trying to get her of him
the passion was gone and after a while without sex he was filing a divorce , guess she scared him
heres an newspaper article
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