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Gunman   +1y
Anyone have more pix of this truck?  I never saw it in person, but the engineering that went into it, is hella cool.  
Ray_Ray avatar
Ray_Ray   +1y

Optimus Hector
DougyFrisch avatar
DougyFrisch   +1y
now that's bad ass   i see a lot of work that i don't even wanna think about getting that cab to tilt, lol
tre5 avatar
tre5   +1y

LOL, I remember that truck from 97 or so. It was RAD!!!
trucks&stuff avatar
trucks&stuff   +1y
Edited: 6/24/2010 10:05:38 PM by juicedmini

---------------------------------------------Originally posted by Ray_RayOptimus Hector---------------------------------------------lmao  
chriscouto avatar
chriscouto   +1y

that truck was built by mike menneta and rolled a down to earth window back then then he sold it to some kid in palmdale who tore some of it apart to fix some things and never put it back together. that thing actually drove just like that and from personal experiance it was scary going down the hwy that way. i have tons of pics it was definatly fun
dragginbonez avatar
dragginbonez   +1y
ahah, thats rad.
3 wheelin and cab dancing, this shit is unmatched.
Love to c more pics.
sykominitrkr avatar
sykominitrkr   +1y
How did that thing even function?... I see no driveshaft?... did they convert it to FWD? lol
gimp5561 avatar
gimp5561   +1y
2 piece driveshaft in it, yes it drove
seen it once at a river run 96-98???
svrdwgn avatar
svrdwgn   +1y

post photo
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