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Help with caravan 3.0?????

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huskerdually   +1y
Okay I got a 2000 dodge caravan, actually it's my wife's. Well it has 201495 miles on it, and the other day doing about 65 the timing belt broke. I have conflicting info if this is an interference engine or not. She wants me to fix it, here one flaw is she has terrible taste in vehicles. So I was thinking of pulling the motor and rebuilding it. Anyone know anything about these, if I could do any performance upgrades or swap in the dohc tt 3.0 from the stealth or something stupid like that? I think it is a waste of time and money but gotta keep them happy.
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jcampbell1180   +1y
Sounds like an issue with the you should've gotten rid of that peice 'o shit a long time ago.
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huskerdually   +1y


I did bring home a 91 burb last night. She didn't like.
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