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be proud an pass it on

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no dout
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LOL!! that's funny people spend so much time and effort hating each other because of the color of there skin, what if you used that energy for something good? like being a better American! I'm in Korea and you know what, I've never had anyone dislike me because of the color of my skin. . . . . on the other hand when they ask if I'm American and I tell them proudly YES! then they start to act like dicks! in short try not to pass on your negative thoughts or beliefs to the next generation and maybe one day we can be just Americans.
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huskerdually   +1y

The problem is no one wants to be an American anymore. They want to be mexican Americans or arab Americans or african Americans. And it is getting worse with each new generation of immigrants. It used to be that when people immigrated here they stopped speaking their old language, even at home, they wanted to be American. Now they don't even make an attempt to learn english, they just expect us to accommodate them. My son has a friend who's parents moved from mexico, I like the kids, don't really know the parents. They have been in the country for like 12 years, the kids have no accent, but the parents can not speak any english.

But once again thank you souf star for pointing out the flaws of white men and our bigotry!
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The way the lawmakers and others are going we won't be Americans we will be Caucasian mexicans living in the new states of mexico.
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So we should just stand by and let the crap go on? Looking at the list he gave I don't see much any one can argue that it isn't a flat out double standard when it comes to race.
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huskerdually   +1y

Well maybe we should take away all of our humanitarian aid, and financial assistance. Also level the import/export laws so they can't dump their crap in our country for next to nothing while we pay huge tariffs for our stuff to get into their country. IMO they are biting the hand that feeds them, LITERALLY.

And what are you doing there? Mostly protecting THEM from THEIR enemies.
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