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Shop tachometer?

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huskerdually   +1y
I'm looking for a good shop tach. Something stand alone that can just hook over say a spark plug wire or quickly to the coil, something easily attached and removed. I got a multi-meter with a rpm attachment, but it doesn't work for crap. Something that can do 2 and 4 stroke motors.

I figured a lot of you guys are mechanics or repair guys and might know of a good one out there.
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someotherguy   +1y
I've got a couple of those cheapy tach/dwell meters that you get at the auto parts store.. Actron, Sunpro, whatever, that seemed to work OK back when I still used them.

My favorite though, but not cheap, is a Snap-On cylinder shorting tach that is kickass for finding weak cylinders. I need to make up some kind of adapter for it though to use it on this newer stuff.

The Sunpro I've got does 2 & 4 cycle, if you want it, PM me an addy and it's yours. Still got the manual with it and everystuff.

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