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huskerdually   +1y
There are several trucks and cars runnin around here that have a logo on them that says "uzi" some have guns on each side of the logo some have other designs. Anyone now what this is? I would almost say it is motocross or quad related from where I've seen the vehicles.
sixshooter avatar
sixshooter   +1y
Never heard of it. They most be a local group... considering how big motorsports are out here in the AZ,I think i would have heard of them. Or maybe there the alternative to joining the NRA..heheh.
remcolent avatar
remcolent   +1y
Maby it's just a warning that they have this in the glove box
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
Sounds like another stupid "Bro" thing.

Kinda like those 95 pound flatbillers that run around with "Tapout" stickers all over thier '88 hatchback.
onefasthoagie avatar
onefasthoagie   +1y

oh man, you got them too?? lol.
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
Yeah. I thought it was mainly a CA/AZ/NV thing, but evidently, the idiocy is spreading like herpes.
huskerdually avatar
huskerdually   +1y
Funny you mentioned that. As some of you know my middle son wrestles and I coach. At all the meets this year there has been one of those guys, scrawny, geeky lookin wearin his tapout stuff and big ole bling chains. His kid sucks at wrestling. I just find it funny. I like MMA but I'm not going to wear that crap around.

But I don't think that's it.
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someotherguy   +1y
Flatbillers? Sounds like what I call ballcaps.

The uzi thing sounds gay as hell...guess they want you to think they are STR8 G

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