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eagle alloy 225

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DougyFrisch   +1y
installguy   +1y

you posted this bitch everywhere!!! nice wheels.. i have boss 338's myself... i saw yours on all 3 of your posts!!!
jumbo   +1y
i thought those were 212's ?
sparage   +1y
He wont be able to sleep tonight he's so happy lol.
Rob Clayhill   +1y

looks sick. very nice wheel choice
lowrthnu92   +1y
---------------------------------------------Originally posted by jumbo72i thought those were 212's ?--------------------------------------------- these are 212s
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wolffizzle   +1y

Your truck is looking real good.I love the look and price of these wheels, here is mine w/20s all around.
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chevy8403   +1y
Nice. Went with 18 fronts wanting to bag the truck someday
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