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Vega is rollin hard...

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erock805   +1y
Took it around the block yesterday. Had a water and oil leaks. Fixed those, changed my water pump pulley. Put most of the interior back in. Cleaned up a bit and rolled around today. No leaks no issues.

Exept. My rear axle is not located right. The drivers side wheel base is an inch and a quarter shorter than the passenger side. My own screw up. The car was repaired and I second guessed the mounting holes. Anyway I will relocate it and put in my new adjustable lowers, drag bags, and slapper bars today. Might be a little over kill but...oh well.

Need a better exhaust. The pipe from the collector to the muffler is too short and mufflers are hitting the floor.

I wanna put a tilt column in. I have two, just seems like alot of work that something I wanna sell. Again, if I were keeping it, I would cutt the seat posts down. The seats are high from when I put in subframe connectors.

ugghhh its hard to build something that your not gunna keep

Oh its got old sonic turbos... crazy huh?
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bdydrped   +1y
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erock805   +1y
ask and ye shall recieve...

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thread post photo

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thread post photo

Put on the slapper bars, relocated the rear. Still feel like I am getting wheel hop. Also, Im gunna have to do something with the linkage on the shifter arms. Keep loosen 1st. Need to retune, falling over at 4500 rpm. Need to redo the exhaust. Plates expired in Its been on the back burner for awhile.

This fnnn thing is endless...damn!
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liljlowrider   +1y
oughta be able to go to the good ole walmart fast it that baby for groceries.
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erock805   +1y
Did ya all notice in the last pic the big poster of my duece above the garage door?
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98crewcab   +1y
nice...........does it have a 350 in it?
I don't see a roll bar in it yet?
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kblr elf   +1y
Wow that thing looks nice but makes me feel old by buddy had one in high school but it had n50-15s on the back and thrush turbos the ones with the bird on the them hows the pinion angle maybe causin wheel hop
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erock805   +1y
No Bar...fallin outa love, plus it dont go fast enough to need one.

I have the pinion angle set down a bit so when it turns it rotates up to the right position. Prolly gotta keep messing with it. But Im close.

As soon as I get this thing done Im gunna sell it. The car has faught me the whole way. (Im sure it aint done yet) It needs to go to someone that it likes. Plus, my interests have changed a bit. Wanna work on my 34 and Econoline. Oh, and if I sold it I could use the money for a square crew cab...
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skidrow   +1y
nice vaga dude cleen car
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toner283   +1y
Not sure how close this is to you but here is an idea maybe when you go to get it gone.