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bowtiecowboy   +1y
I was just wondering if anybody out there has access to Carfax...maybe someone works at a dealer or shop where they have it.

I need to know the scoop on the following truck:

1986 GMC crew cab

If anyone has Carfax i would greatly appreciate some info on this truck....thanks.
csxpaid avatar
csxpaid   +1y
I don't think carfax goes back that far, but I could be wrong
bowtiecowboy avatar
bowtiecowboy   +1y
It may not CSX, but it went back to 1988 when i bought my truck a few years ago.
diabolic kustoms avatar
diabolic kustoms   +1y
vin= vechile id number
so by saying vin number you are really saying vechile id number number..sounds stupid doesn't peeve of mine..time to organize my cereal boxes
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
I looked it up...comes back as a Hyndai.

I get you, DK. I hate when people say "ATM machine".
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