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Motorcycles \  so im really into bobbers now

so im really into bobbers now

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societyoutkast   +1y
so i'm thinkin this summer i would like to get into a bobber how many of you guys have one are have some sick pics of some i want one that flat red with some pinstriping and of couse some white walled lets see some pics..of what u truckers got  or would like !!!

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ibagurs   +1y

ill get pictures of mine up as soon as i can.
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BankruptRam   +1y

 Here is a bike we built at the shop, along with the c10. The bike was just for fun and now takes up space since I don't know how to ride. I guess I should get rid of it to make room for something else I won't use.
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idrgbdy   +1y
my buddy is building a sweet '70s honda cb750. he's gonna finish it in my garage, and he just brought it over this past weekend. i'll have to get some photos. makes me want one even more!
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okcderek   +1y
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My 2001 Yamaha V-Star 1100...  
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redspowerjams   +1y

and it's for sale !!!
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j-bird   +1y

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j-bird   +1y
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