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please be safe riders....

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mrwilliam   +1y
This was a friend guys, please besafe and watch out for the other guy... All i can do is hope didnt hurt.

Peach and i were only about a mile away during this whole event and heard and watched the cops and firetrucks ect.. lifeflight all happen...

This is why i dont ride bikes any more...

DAHINDA — A Williamsfield man was killed in a weekend motorcycle accident on U.S. 150 near Knox Highway 12.

Kevin P. Cain, 54, Williamsfield, was riding his motorcycle eastbound at about 9:34 p.m. Saturday when he was struck head-on by a truck. The truck, driven by a 16-year-old male, was traveling westbound and attempting to pass a westbound car.

The driver and two 15-year-old male passengers of the truck were taken to an area hospital, where they were treated and released. Cain was pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident is under investigation. The Knox County Sheriff’s Department, several fire departments, the Knox County Coroner and the Illinois State Police assisted with the incident.
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blazerpimp   +1y
Thats Terrible... RIP Mr. Cain.
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skidrow   +1y
ya my prays are with you
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raymondsage   +1y
Yea.... i had to deal with the same thing about 2 months ago when me and some friends were riding the twisties out in the hill country when two of the guys were taking the turns the oppisite of one another when one was too low on the turn and went head on with the other... i saw the whole thing in front of me. Both died instantly

Something ill never forget
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mrwilliam   +1y
Its crzy to think that stuff like that can happen in a snap.. The only thing i can think of is when its a persons time, its there time..

Its just not fair when people arnt even F8cking around and doing things by the book and still get hurt.. sucks..
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raymondsage   +1y
i agree...
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watahyahknow   +1y
on a motorcycle theres no sheetmetal or engine in front of you , you ARE the crumplezone and usually on the wrong end of the stick when trouble strikes .
in my younger days i took some lessons for my motorlicence but now that i have my carlicence i never go back
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mrwilliam   +1y

What weird terms..but your right.. crumple zone... makes you wonder if it would be worse to live threw it..
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