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maz89   +1y
Ok guys, many of you know that I've put my truck up for sale here and there before, and I eventually decided just to keep it, but due to some recent events, I need to let go of it for good. I hate to do it, but it needs to go and I'm running outta time before I have nowhere to keep it anymore. If any of you guys are interested, or have a friend that may be interested, hit me up. Help a fellow DS member out and spread the word for me, I'd appreciate it...
Up for sale is my 2000 Chevy crew cab dually. 454, auto, it's exact mileage is 45,619 all orginal. Light grey leather interior, billet steering wheel, pedals, shifter. It's bagged on 16" KMC Slam's, cowl hood, billet inserts, molded rollpan, relocated tailgate handle, and plenty of extra's. I'm asking $15,500 obo. If any of you are interested or know of someone that is, or need more info or pics of the truck you're welcome to email me any time - - thanks guys...

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jcampbell1180   +1y
Dude, if I were in the market, I'd totally buy it.
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low95xlt   +1y
if it had bigger wheels i would by it and if it weren't red hahah
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pig rig   +1y
damn dude I thought you had already sold that thing
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low95xlt   +1y
lays frame hard correct
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liljlowrider   +1y
thats a good price
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maz89   +1y
Thanks guys, and please keep this page on the board and spread the word!!
Now to reply to a few comments

Campy- I know you would if you could, thanks brotha, you've always been my homie...

Low- I love ya bro, but it takes a real man keep sportin' 16's! And don't hate on red just because "ol blue" isn't done! And yes it lays full frame hard..

Pig Rig- Damn brotha!! Where the HELL have you been hidin'!?

Lilj- Thanks, I was worried about that, but I tried to price it resonably, and priced to sell quick, I hope I was right, keep your fingers crossed...
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low95xlt   +1y
hahhaha mad love homie u know that hahah i am trying to convince the wifey so if you got any ideas shoot them my way LOL
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maz89   +1y
ok i tried, let me know how it works out
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huskerdually   +1y
I'm kinda in the market, but sorry a bit to rich for my blood(plus now I have to buy a new tv). And I'm pretty stuck on a square. But