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wish me a safe return

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low95xlt   +1y
welp leaving here in a few hrs to go celebrate the last few days of my manhood, the bachoeler party i am clueless so the night will be fun.. as of this time next week i will be a married man so he lp me lol
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liljlowrider   +1y
hope you got good homeboys and they show you a good time tonight and keep their mouths shut about it.
krewzlo avatar
krewzlo   +1y
sorry to hear about your loss.

Well I guess its not too bad, considering all that single men have and you will want again after the honeymoon is over.

Anyways have a blast, and I am kidding about the rest of it. HAHAHA
greaser avatar
greaser   +1y
Congrats, and have fun!!!
diabolic kustoms avatar
diabolic kustoms   +1y
good luck and remember the potato goes in front..
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maz89   +1y
Have a good time brotha!!
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erock805   +1y
Hope you had the time of your life! Did you survive?
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1low1ton   +1y
hope you dont mind not having sex very much anymore cause its coming
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
well i did survive but barely made it out alive way yo much alcohol and alot of nice things that i wont ever have again once i am married
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jcampbell1180   +1y