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sick JDM Honda Odyssey

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offthewall   +1y

that is awesome.
idrgbdy   +1y
badass. are those bimmer 7-series tails? and some sort of bimmer front?
astrowoody75   +1y

marcus38   +1y

zat thing have indy rear suspension. looks like the rear tucks more then the front!! def first one ive seen. my parents have an 06 oddesy. dont leave it at home when u go to the bahamas ma and pa, it might not look the same when u get back!! weeehaaaaww!!
fknlowjeep   +1y

that actually looks pretty badass!
mjavy7   +1y
---------------------------------------------Originally posted by idrgbdybadass. are those ... some sort of bimmer front? ---------------------------------------------You took the words right out of my mouth. The grill also looks like the pontiac grill but with the headlights definatelly looks like BMW.
neurotic   +1y

The front end is a 3 or 5 series front lights/ grill bumper from what i can tell. tails are 7 series.
greenranger 23   +1y

holy camber batman. that thing is sweet
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