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This sucks.

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huskerdually   +1y
I'm officially the father of a teenager. I don't remember getting old. But I don't remember a lot of things anymore.
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ec_dually   +1y
dont feel bad big guy my son turns 13 on the 27th of this month so i am right there with you ...
ec_dually avatar
ec_dually   +1y
and i turn 32 on the 25th of this month also..
krewzlo avatar
krewzlo   +1y

old fart
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greaser   +1y
Wow, and I am 33, and just had my first one 2 weeks ago.....
huskerdually avatar
huskerdually   +1y
I'll be 33 in Dec.
okcderek avatar
okcderek   +1y
Man, you guys are old!!! My son is 3 and I turned 32 on the 30th of March. But the best was my girl turned 30!! on March 30th.(same B-day) She was so bummed.
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raymondsage   +1y
Daughter is 14 and ill be 35 in august....
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diabolic kustoms   +1y
daughter is 5 and son is 2 and I just turned guys were having them young damm..
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richard hopkins   +1y
ill be 31 a week from monday, and havent had one yet.. buts its close... only 4 months away.