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questions about a muffler

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so i have a lil daily 93 s10 that my old boss paid me $300 to take from him and i finally have gotten around to screwing with it and fixing some of the small problems. first to tackle has been the exhaust before it just had a straight pipe going right through a simulated muffler so it would pass inspection and since its been sitting forr a while while ive been off traveling and working i never needed to change it. so today after rambling through my garage i found an Goerlich Xcelerator turbo muffler and ive never heard of this thing. after some searching on the web i havent heard any complaints just wondering if any one on here has used one on a 2.8l s10 before. to my surprise im running a 2 1/2" exhaust (previously had no clue what was on this truck) from the collector to the the muffler. so i guess my real question is does any one know what these things sound like theres hardly any vids on the web of it?

yeah the truck wont start right now. if it did i wouldnt even be asking this question
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