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Synthetic Oils?

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i have a 2000 chevy silverado single cab 2wd with a 2003 escalade 6.0 liter engine swap with 50,000 miles. im looking for the best synthetic oil and oil filter. ive been told by many that mobil 1 10w-30 or 5w-30 would be best in GM vehicles. i just wanted to hear from some of you guys on here about your opinions on which to use. im only lookin for the best for this truck im tryin to make this bad boy last haha.
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i run amsoil with amsoil filter on  all of my rides. long drain intervals allow them to pay for themselves really quickly.  i run the 0-20 in my honda, and 0-30 in my ford. I ran mobil1 5-30 with a mobil1 filter for a long time in my ford and never had any problems.  i've run everything from royal purple, penzzoil platinum, mobil1 to amsoil and amsoil gets me the best gas mileage your best resource for oil is going to be those guys are crazy about some oil. 
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thanks man ill check it out
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mobil 1 ftw, i work at a lube shop lol but we have ppl that run royal purple burn at least quart to 2 quarts in 3,000 miles and we had one lady lose 4 quarts within 5000 miles and she had a low mileage engine and didnt leak
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