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How well do you see?

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kicker1_solo avatar
kicker1_solo   +1y
The cruelest eye test out there

bowtiecowboy avatar
bowtiecowboy   +1y
I think i'll go to the grocery store and buy some carrots and try it again later!

Or i could just save the image and resize it...
diabolic kustoms avatar
diabolic kustoms   +1y
gets blurry blown up..
rhmdually avatar
rhmdually   +1y
yeah to bad its not very high resolution, cant see any more when its blown up than you can now lol
lophat avatar
lophat   +1y
looks like the smaller they get the less clothes they got on.
ec_dually avatar
ec_dually   +1y
why try and look at the smaller picture, just go find a website with bigger pictures...
watahyahknow avatar
watahyahknow   +1y
couldn't get mij big rig licence cause i've got 70/70 vision i needed 80/70 at least bummer allready had 3 months of schooling and the dyploma's needed but failed the drivertest on the eyes
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