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Dragging in Ocean City, MD

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Afazz65   +1y
I'm going to OCMD for a VW show this weekend, and wondered how the local police feel about dragging frame?  Is it just a ticket and fine?  Arrest?  Is it any worse of a ticket than doing a burnout or getting loose while U-turning?  I'm a PA resident and a clean cut nerdy white dude with no guns/drugs/alcohol if that matters lol.  

loudciv   +1y

DONT DRAG IN OC MD, period. if they see it, they will ticket you for reckless & EVERYTHING else they can write up. the cops are okay w/ cruising low or seeing you laid out in a parking lot, but if they see/hear you bottom out on the streets, its game over.
slammed89s10   +1y
my buddy got arrested for draggin....and was in jail overnight....
NCsteven   +1y

you cant even skateboard outside of the skateparks there i got in a bunch of shit when i was 14 for skating! cops are assholes there
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