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How is the weather treating everyone ?

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2000f350   +1y
Well we have been having record highs here like between 70 to 78 but i know it is alot different everywhere else.
2dadoorz avatar
2dadoorz   +1y
they weather man said it is going to be 10 deg tonight here in salt lake city! went out side a while ago and it's way too cold to be out there.
1low1ton avatar
1low1ton   +1y
bout 70 for the high around here dont really seem like 13 days til christmas
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
its been in the teens at night and its been getting as worm as 30 in the day
twisteddually avatar
twisteddually   +1y
A foot of snow on the ground and we had a couple days where it feels like -20 with the wind. So pretty good! Oh yeah I'm in Fargo, so almost Canada.
raymondsage avatar
raymondsage   +1y
85 out in south Texas but cool front coming in over night...
guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
worst ice storm in the states history yesterday...
watahyahknow avatar
watahyahknow   +1y
overcast and cold , kindah depressing weather
ec_dually avatar
ec_dually   +1y
84 and sunny with a slight breeze coming in off the beach... nice pretty blue green water.. and 3 foot waves...
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y
raining here this morning but its still 67 degrees outside with a high today of about 80