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cutting down 22.5/24.5

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orangelowmazdawg   +1y
what all is involved with cutting down a set of semi's. a friend of mine has (6) wheels that i can probably get for free. hit me up with what it takes, have another friend with a lathe and milling machine in his home workshop. thanks guys, Brad
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huskerdually   +1y
No one will tell you. I've been trying to trick lock for a while now. It's pretty tricky I think. It's not just the size it's the bead shape.
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orangelowmazdawg   +1y
come on lock, let us in on the little secret.
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lockone   +1y
2 Schwinn bicycles with the tires off the front rims and the back tires on the 22.5. You are going to need a special tooled butterknife (email for specs) and lots of peanut butter. Get your buddies to start pedaling and lay the knife to it.

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bdydrped   +1y
i swear you told me you just gave squirrels with razor sharp teeth a lot of meth and let em loose on the wheels with detailed plans.

(assuming youve trianed the squirrels to read first)
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lockone   +1y
We had to upgrade from the squirrels...One of them got loose and cut a truck into pieces before we could get the taser out.
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low95xlt   +1y
i heard somethign bout midgets
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pig rig   +1y

thats midget porn that the squirrele watch in their down time
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onefasthoagie   +1y

And some sheep.
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guilty by design   +1y

Im sorry i missed that!!! hahah So is that what happened to this pre taco i bought???