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Noob help with PS2 install...

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Tacon19s   +1y
So I need some help getting a PS2 in my toyota. All I have at the moment is the PS2, and a nice JVC head unit that has all of the audio and video imputs/outputs. As you can tell im kinda a noob as far this stuff goes. I need to know what else I need other than a screen obviously. Mainly where im lost is how to get power converted for the PS2. thanks for any help and recomendations....
bigjon   +1y
buy a power inverted nothing to big is needed the 50 dollar one will work great!

Yea, a power inverter would do the trick...  Also, What model JVC Head unit are u using? This is a cool game plat you can use if you intend on taking out the PS2 from time to time... If u have a clear space, it will look stock!

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