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slammed2000ranger   +1y
anybody use them? looking in to buying some, what do yall think about them/what are you running with. thanks
zms2004   +1y

i had 2 - 10s, memphis 1 farad cap and a class d 500 watt amp, in a home made box for behind the seat of a std cab s10 and it hit nice,deep, and clean, even for not havin enough airspace. i loved em, and im bumpin up to 2 - 12s in a blowthru soon. my buddy also had  1 - 15 that sounded so clean
dragnlow   +1y

In one word " AWESOME"
276mightymax   +1y

Memphis Audio is great. I had 2- of the older M Class 10" subs in a home made box hooked up to a 1000 watt Sony Xplod amp in my regular cab s10, they hit hard and sounded good and clean. I have a set of M Class 4" x 6" speakers with the swivel tweeters in my dash, they made a huge difference for the mids and highs. Deffenately can't go wrong with Memphis!! 
79squarebody   +1y

memphis does work!!!!!! EVERYTHING THEY MAKE IS TOP NOTCH...
dirty   +1y

thats all i use in my vehicles. amps subs and highsreasonably priced and one of the warranties in the business
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