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Snap!.....uh oh.....

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dragnasty   +1y
Just wanted to let you guys know that I broke my tib and fib in my right leg on wednesday evening on my dirtbike. Broke it clean in half. Reminded me of a broke candy cane still in the wrapper. It didnt puncture the skin luckily since I was wearing my riding boots. But the skin was basically all that was holding my foot on. Wasnt exactly the funnest thing Ive done. Stupid accident that Ive done plenty of times before but I guess I caught it just right this time. We had been bustin out 50-55ft jumps all evening and I was turning around to go load the bike up when it tried to laydown on me. Tried to fix it and overcorrected which threw me off the bike and the bike landed on my leg in the burm and snap......
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baha   +1y
What size do you ride? I wanted to get one but if its that easy to break something maybe I'll just stick to my bmx bike

Oh hope it heals fast drink your milk
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lockone   +1y
Did you happen to get in footage of the crash?

You guys send me vids of all of you riding all the damn time, surely someone had the camera out. I bet the black EMT with no front teeth ( missed landed a superman) got you fixed up after the crash.

Now people get to sign your cast...
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maz89   +1y
that's just wrong ^^ Sorry to hear that brotha!! Wish you a quick recovery!
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lockone   +1y
Going to be hard to shift gears on the ole big truck with a broke leg.

Sorry that was wrong....but funny.
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jp87crewcabdually   +1y
Damn! I have rag dolled myself a few times on the dirtbike. I have fractured my back and tore my right ACL and had it replaced and tore my left PCL. I don't race anymore but I still try to ride with friends for fun. I ride a 03 YZ450F. I hope you recover well!
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dragnasty   +1y

A couple guys I ride with also race bmx. They've gotten hurt more on their bicycles than their dirtbikes. Mine is an 03 Kawasaki KDX 220R 2 stroke. Its not weak by no means, but it isnt the strongest either. You can get hurt on all of them.

Trev, no vid on this one, also we did take some pix and vids that day. I had just took off my helmet cam. Our paramedic was on duty that night and hooked me up with a fast track through the ER.
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lockone   +1y
^^^ Come and See "Evil Nasty" jump 400 minitrucks.... SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

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low95xlt   +1y
sorry bout ur oh snap crackle pop broken leg there.. consider this my sig on the cast.....

\nice air time there son

but i have to ask we all know ur nicknamed dra nasty for your sq body dually will be forever enshrined in the show scene) and ur orange truck drag nasty for obvious reasons,

but can we call u broke nasty now?