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General Discussion \  i had a fender bender today !!

i had a fender bender today !!

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sparkys-crewcab   +1y
sorry for the long winded story but i am having a bad day...
i was in opelika alabama this morning and i was in the back of trailor getting numbers off the 70 boxes of rejected pork chops (thats a shiat load of meat!) this other truck driver cut his trailor short in front of my truck and BAM! busted my headlight and took about 700.00 worth of paint and fiberglass. to top it all off i didnt feel or hear a thing(those refer units are loud as hell) so the guy parks his truck right beside mine and i decided i was going to wipe my mirrors off and i walked around the truck and i bout had a heart attack!. nobody in sight and my truck is up.. ..thanks goodness another driver was watching him and witnessed the accident, or i would have been out about 2000.00 . the guy denied ever hitting my truck even with the paint off my truck going down his trailor...bastard ass old i was mad as hell , so i called the cops and now it is all straight....he will probly loose his job but that is not my problem....ahhh i feel better now.....
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bdydrped   +1y
damn that sucks. at least ya got it all straight though
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lockone   +1y
At least you didnt have to whip his a$$ in the middle of the truck stop.
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maz89   +1y
At least you didn't get stuck paying for the repair!
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huskerdually   +1y
At least you can find a lot lizard to make it all better.
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jcampbell1180   +1y
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sparkys-crewcab   +1y
i still cant get over him saying he didnt hit my truck, with my paint and fiberglass running down the side of his trailor... how do you deny that? ..idiot..........i would have probly whooped him but he was like in his 60's and there wouldnt have been to much whooping going on..... he knew he hit me ,he just wanted to be a coward about dispatcher said if he would have left without giving me his information it would have fell back on me to pay for.......i was like hell no! i will unhook my truck from my trailor and park in front of him so he couldnt leave.......then it would have been on from that point......

and the lot lizards i have seen so far are the but ugliest things walking on the planet i seen one hunkered under a trailor in a puddle of water washing her cochie out the other day..... talk about nasty
there is a guy that drives for the same company i do that will screw a lot lizard without a condom, and loves it....... he's got a death wish...nasty bastard
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low95xlt   +1y
people are ignoratn sometimes, but glad someone witnessed itand it saved u some big coin
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pig rig   +1y
I'm glade you witnessed the lot lizard bathing so you could pass that along to us
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liljlowrider   +1y
^ just try and get a pic next time please