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bdydrped   +1y
just fyi my snapon hunk of shit blew up and started spittin fire at me last night.

so i did a lil online research, (the interweb is an amazing thing) the torch heads on thiese things are peices of shit.... only rated at 30-40 amps.... its a 50 amp machine.

i can get a whole new set up, cable, head, tips, everything for 365 shipped.... just the torch head alone from snapon is 400+

i found a place down in spring texas

and the guy i talked to was more than helpful.... ill be buying all my stuff through him now.

just incase anybody ever needs a cheap place ot buy stuff for their plasmas thought i'd pass along the info.
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lockone   +1y
We got a Millermatic plasma for sale if anyone is interested. $750 + shipping. Still using the original tips that come with the machine.
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