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ptman2002   +1y
i have what i hope is a simple problem.   i took out my amp and sub for awhile and now that i am putting it back in,  im having a problem with it.  i have the amp all wired up and the green power light comes on.  when i plub my RCAs into the amp it goes into protection.  any ideas with what to do to it?   should i just get me a new RCA or what?

ShakinPlates   +1y

Make sure you have the pwr, gnd, rem in the right slots on the amp. Make sure your putting rca's in the input and not the pass through. Run new rca's and see what that does. Might have rubbed the insulation off somewhere and shorted a wire...

ptman2002   +1y

thanks man.  i bought a new kit and ran all new wired today.  actually just came in from finishing it.  all is fine now.  had to have had a short somwhere.  checked all the wires and they appeared fine.  so i dont know.  but its banging now.
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