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Stereo issues...

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IB2LOUD   +1y
Ok I just finished re-wiring the entire setup and used all Kicker wiring including the RCA interconnects. I ran the RCAs on the opposite side of the car from any power wires and I STILL have engine whine, and my big amp will still shut down if I turn up the bass any at all. My voltage stays right around 14.4v when it's running and around 12.5v with it off. Sometimes the amp will play louder and longer with the engine off. My interior lights dim real bad too even though the voltage changes very little with the engine on or something is up with the wiring and I don't know what it could be. I just got it all looking how i want but i'm tempted to rip it out and have a stock radio so I don't have to mess with this crap.

any help?
Also want to add that I have two air compressors on the same battery terminals that require more current than the amp and they've always worked fine.
slmmdd97   +1y

im not a stereo guru by any means but did you checks your grounds and make sure that they were on good metal.  Also you may want to look into upgrading your alt. hope this will help some.

Sounds like a bad ground or something is back feeding through a ground and it's getting back to your stereo components.
vcminitrucker4lyfe   +1y
is your sub amp actually shutting down or going into protection mode when you turn it up? You may have the ohms wired to low.
IB2LOUD   +1y
The grounds are directly to the battery and i've upgraded the factory ground to the chassis to a 2 gauge cable. The amp is shutting down completely and will kick back on after a few seconds. It's a dual 2ohm sub wired in series to be 4 ohm mono on a kicker 450.2 so it should be able to handle it.
IB2LOUD   +1y
ShakinPlates   +1y

Sounds like you have a bare wire somewhere. Make sure your power cable isnt cut anywere when you ran it. It sounds like the sub could be wired incorrectly too. I know you say its not but just double check. Try running the ground seperatly  off the amp and see what that does...

Lowered Depths   +1y
Put all your grounds on a chassis ground, upgrade your alternator, and possibly even run a secondary battery.  It's better to have a chassis ground, nut and bolted to the vehicle.  
IB2LOUD   +1y
I got it all fixed. I was an idiot and hooked one of the voice coils to itself and the other to the amp so it was seeing a 2ohm load. I have no idea how I made that stupid mistake.
shaggy_ky2001   +1y

i would check my sub, put my ground on the chassis. now is you car a postive ground or not.. check all the wires not cuts,etc. you can upgrade your battery wires battery to alt, batt to frame. you will get less draw on light this way and if still doing it i would throw a kinetik or a yellow top in the car.. i am running 2 10w6v2 and 1000/1v2 (JL Audio) when mine hit after being put in, you could watch the volts sit still but the light s would go dim amp kick out. other times you would see the volts bottem out and amp not shut.. i upgraded my wire under hood adjusted my amp and thriple checked my subs ohms, now i dont have a problem except for a little dimming of the lights..