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Motorcycles \  Best music vid ever!

Best music vid ever!

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cap10rob   +1y
Edited: 12/14/2008 1:10:55 AM by cap10rob

We should all sell our trucks and get these.

Actually I'd rather have one of these:
never2lowchevy avatar
never2lowchevy   +1y
WOW! Dem scraper bikes be da shizle!!!
Flossin22s avatar
Flossin22s   +1y
at .39 seconds..the guy ghostriding the bike....LMFAO
str8azztaco avatar
str8azztaco   +1y
FCKNLOW avatar

that was 3:28 i will never get back of my life.....
gimp5561 avatar
gimp5561   +1y

are they from greenville MS ???

FCKNLOW avatar

^^^^^^hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha^^^^^^  best post of the year!
FCKNLOW avatar

yes and they are sad that Showfest has moved, no more "ghost ridding the wips in the turning lane".
j&jkustomz avatar
j&jkustomz   +1y
Ghost Riding was dead before they ever started that shit!  lol.. And thats bad all that bullshit had to F%#K up a damn good show!
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