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im wanting to lower my mega cab but no one sells drop spindles or anything for that matter for the 2wd mega cab with hemi so i was wondering if anyone here could make me some drop spindles for this truck if u can send me ur contact info so i can finally lower this truck i have been looking everywhere and really want to get this thing low. It will be stactic drop only for now but im wanting about a 5-7 drop
i dont see y 1 ton drop spindles wouldnt work... arnt all mega cabs 8 lug?
who makes one ton drop spindles for a dodge ?????
Ive looked all over and cant find anyone that makes any type of lowering stuff for a Dodge 2500/3500. I was looking at a 3500 dually and while the salesman was getting the keys I was checking out the front suspension. I think If you flip the ball joints to the tops of the control arms you could get 2-3'' of drop. Then maybe go to a place that does springs and maybe try to find some coils that are stiffer and shorter to get some more. Just a brain fart I had. Not sure if it would work though
i done mine with v6 coils and made a shackle, it rode like pure shit and towed like a 1970 f100 with 500.000 miles it is now back stock. till someone builds something. i would be willing to have my truck be the ginnie pig!!!
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