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Lets see some old school cars!

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TwistedKreation   +1y
Ok guys I want to see some pics of compacts and fullsizes from the early 90s and late 80's!
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granth   +1y
those i believe would be lowriders. not sure many cars were back then...maybe late 90s early 2k.
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mista337   +1y
only thing that comes to mind is phantom tops with 13" reverse wire wheels and 50 series rubber. And speaker walls, oh yes...speaker walls.
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Back around that time they were usually 'mascot' rides for truck clubs. I know we had a vw scirocco in the club in the early 90's. All euro suspension, body parts and lights. Shaved out race wheels with 195/45/15's on it. He had a GTI before same deal.Wish I had some pics. Jason always built bitchin cars.Alot were euros that were dumped.

Hondas didn't really start coming around hard until mid 90's.This is Geoff's Saturn from 95. It was like that since new so early 90's. Just green then. Static drop ragtop.

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zadaddy   +1y
wow....that rag in the saturn doesn't look half bad....never seen that before
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TwistedKreation   +1y
Yeah I want to see more rides like that. Dumped on those fat wide tires.
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simple4door   +1y
here is a pic of my 91 civic im building with the old school theme....16 inch neeper synchros and euro t/a's will be juiced and a ragtop keep like it used to be .....project B4URTME ....
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lmdguy   +1y
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Edited: 9/15/2008 8:19:39 PM by MexicanJoe

here are a few pics..civic pic from 1995. wagon and van from 1997

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Hamed Hatch   +1y
^^^ i remember seeing that odyssey @ kiwanis park saturday night meets! those were the good ol' days
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mtm   +1y
It's Ready to Fry! I'm Serious.

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