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who try this battery

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quinn625   +1y
stinger sp680 is it the same as a full size gel cell battery.
simple-pleasurez   +1y
i have the stinger big bastard. i think its sp1700... a little bigger than a 680 but i looooove mine.

if i were to get another battery i would go kinetik. heard nothing but good things about it
shaggy_ky2001   +1y

kinetik is good. we sell those at my shop i have good reviews with them. the hc600 is equal to 100farad
truck action   +1y
Kinetik's are good batteries ,haven't heard anything bad about them,but the new kid on the block!Stinger is well ,but much like Odyssey,which is military rated,& longer warranty ,4 years on the larger batteries,also less money!
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