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how to wire it up

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shagee2001   +1y
A friend of mine has 2 10's and 2 12's in a box. He bought a power acoustic 2600 watt amp... 2 channel. it is bridgable and 2 ohm stable. How would be the best way to wire the 4 subs? Also it has hook ups for 2 sets of rca cables... can it be hooked up with one set of rca's and a splitter? Thanks!
capple   +1y
Are the woofer in separate enclosures 12's in on and 10's in another? In most setup mixing woofer sizes is just bad practice. If you have to run all 4 woofer. place the 12's in one enclosure and the 10's in anther. then place the 12's on one channel and the 10's on the other. But I would suggest just running one size.

Look at then RCA I don't have any knowledge on this brand but I would guest that one set maybe output or a through connection to jump to another amp.

Is this it?[\url][url]
shaggy_ky2001   +1y

the rca on this amp should be 1 set as input and the other set should be output to hook up another amp

orangemazdab2000   +1y

I agree with CAPPLE that mixing woofer sizes isn't the greatest idea but if you do, be sure they are in seperate boxes. Assuming that each woofer is a 4 ohm load, I'd wire the 2 12's in series (ones positive to the others negative) creating an 8 ohm load. Do the same with the 10's. So now you have two 8 ohm loads. Put both those 8 ohm loads in parallel (The two positives together, and the two negatives together). This will create a 4 ohm load. Bridge the amp using both woofer set positives to the amps left positive output and both woofer set negatives to the amps right negative output. Bridging an amp cuts the load in half. So, your bridged amp now "sees" a 2 ohm load.
orangemazdab2000   +1y

Wow, I just noticed the first post date...July 13th, '08....holy old post resurection! 
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