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Starting a new club in Santa Clarita, CA

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garycnc   +1y
I want to bring back "Ground Control" I was in this club in the 90'sI have lost contact with everyone. I want a blessing from the mini truck community to use the name. Please spread the word.
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corey0814   +1y
i was about 13 or 14 when i first saw them (i lived in canyon country, valencia, & newhall almost my whole life) & that's where this whole thing started for me! my dad's friend todd was in the canyon counrty or lancaster chapter -i can't remember- in an 84-88 toy. he's got to be 45-50 by now (if the drugs & liquor hasn't killed him by now) all the ones i met were pretty cool ass dudes so i'd say go for it. i doubt they'd get mad, hell i bet they'd acutally be pretty flattered.

good luck man

i'd say you at least have to do the old original logo with the cross hairs or whatever it was...

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no1lowr   +1y
i would make sure the name iasnt under copyright still, if not good luck, look out for in canyon country, a lot of us in that area..... come hang at our meetings once you get going.
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baggedmitsu   +1y
im pretty sure the name ground control is being used by a shop in the LA area. maybe do a google search and a 411 call for california. good luck

since you sound kind of old school you gotta any old pics?
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There were two variations of Ground Control. One was the original 80's early 90's. Andrew from partypage was in it then and many hard core folks. There was also the rock version late 90's. I would be more worried about making the og faction happy if they are still around. They took it very serious. But it seems to be an emerging trend to bring back old names. There were a few Syndicate rides at the show we did with toyz r us.
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hotwheelbabie   +1y
Ohhhhhh SIGHHHHHHHHHHH....Seeing that name just brought back so many memories. I lived in Valencia for 19 years of my life from 1973 to 1992. My first boyfriend ran the SCV chapter of Ground Control...(Rob West). I can still see the back glass of his truck. I would say I am sure SOMEONE is using the name, but for different reasons (hell if I had $1 for everyone using "CHOP SHOP" on something I would be a zillionaire!). I would say hunt and peck around more. They might have let the name and club go for a reason and want it to stay dead or like alot of clubs might have just fizzled out.

I say good luck...keep us updated on the progress of your venture! I for one would love to see it revived especially if you plan on using the original design for your logos and glass!

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Brian   +1y
Hi I’m an original Ground Control minis Present from the 90s and I think it’s great you want to use the name again. I hope you use the original logo for the club. Here’s a picture of my old back window that hangs in my shop Ground Control Customs.
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Brian   +1y
My old Ground Control back window and I still use the same logo for my business
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truck action   +1y
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RaiderThug_818   11 mo
Wow!! Talking about "Ground Control" I use to have the black 1990 Mazda b2200 that would drag a pack of smokes down Soledad. I use to drive a white 1988 Toyota xtra cab with hydro's on all 4 with Colors of Success on the back window! My boy Glen started Ground Control... the 1st Ground Control in the 80s I was in the one that Chris Liedholt was the prez. Then I started a VW Club called Nasty Habits and then also drove a white 92 Camaro slammed with KMC's back window Z's Finest sfv. I say go for it youngblood! It would be nice to see Ground Control up and rollin!