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need help with Kicker 07CVR

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andy123   +1y
Hi! I am looking into buying 2 12" kicker CVRs. I want to know whats a good amp to power both. I am also under a budget so I need to find a reasonably priced amp.
shaggy_ky2001   +1y

if you havent found a amp yet for the cvrs i would go with a power acoustik ov1-2000 or 3000 they are 1 ohm stable, mono block . i have put these on alpine type r & x, Jl w6.. people that come into the shop spend there cash on deck and subs then are strapped for cash on the amp.. we sell 10 of these before we sell a 1000 watt rockford amp
IB2LOUD   +1y
I have one CVR12 on a Kicker 450.2 and it sounds real good.
menace   +1y

I run Four 12" CVRs and im pushing them with 2 Alpine MRP-M850... 400watts Rms to each sub, and i love it, and as soon as i can come up with the money i plan on getting 4 more subs for a total of 8, and having two Kicker 1500.1 amps, or possibly two 2500.1 kicker amps.... just gotta find that pot of gold! lol
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